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With proper care and maintenance, these tips from Best Quality Countertops can make your countertops last for years to come. Regular cleaning and sealing can keep them looking like new. 





General tips for your new countertops

Thank you for purchasing your counter tops from Best Quality Countertops. You’ve made an investment in your home or business that while properly cared for will last for years. It is important to know how to maintain and care for your product.

General care and maintenance:

  • Do clean with mild soap and water
  • Do follow all manufactures warranty requirements(Each manufacturer has their own specifications)
  • Do not cut on your new counter tops
  • Do not use harsh cleaners on your Quartz and Natural Stone
  • Do not set hot pans or appliances directly on your counter tops
  • Do not stand directly on your counter tops

Please refer to the section on your product for more specific guidelines on care and maintenance.

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Everyday care for your countertops


Here are some simple guidelines to maintain your natural stone.

Clean your counter top with a soft cloth and neutral cleaner, such as mild dish soap and warm water. Too much soap may leave a film and cause streaks. If streaking occurs, rinse the surface thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.

There are over the counter cleaning products that are safe to use on stone surfaces. Please read the labels carefully to determine which products are appropriate.

Avoid using scouring cleaners, Windex, or products that contain ammonia, lemon, vinegar or other acid based products as they may etch the surface or damage your sealer.

The best way to avoid staining is to wipe up any spills immediately.

Although natural stone is heat resistant, it may not withstand the direct transfer of extreme heat from pots, pans and other cooking units such as electric skillets, griddles, roasting ovens, heat lamps, and some crock-pots. Therefore hot pads and trivets should be used.

Your counter top is treated with a high quality sealer which should last for a three-year period. However, with our standard 3-year sealer high use areas such as around the sink may need to be treated once a year. For convenience and peace of mind we offer additional 15-year sealer. To test if the sealer is working, place a few drops of water on your counter. If the water soaks in quickly, or a couple of minutes after wiping it off you notice dark spotting it is time to reseal.


Quartz counter tops are engineered professionally and require very little maintenance.

You are able to clean your counter top with a non-abrasive kitchen cleaner. Hot soapy water works best but a water and vinegar solution will do just as well. Over the counter cleaners will work fine but stay away from cleaners that contain bleach.

To prevent scratching your counter tops we recommend always using a cutting board.

Quartz is non-porous so there is no need to seal like natural stone products.

It is important to use hot pads or trivets when placing hot materials on Quartz counter tops.


Solid surface products are known for easy maintenance and its ability to be resurfaced if needed.

You may use soapy water or an ammonia-based cleaner on your solid surface counter tops for daily cleaning.

If you need to remove stains or water deposits you may use an abrasive cleaner or a Scotch Brite pad.

Even though solid surface is quite durable it is not indestructible. You should never use your counter top as a cutting board and always use hot pads or trivets when placing hot items on your counter tops.


To care for your IceStone surface please refer to the IceStone Website.


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