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When it comes to countertops, granite is considered to be the “king” of all countertop materials. It is with good reason that homeowners fawn over this high end, luxurious material. It not only transforms a room into an elegant space, it is highly durable and essentially maintenance free. If you are considering having granite countertops installed into your new kitchen or bathroom, you’re making a great choice. However, before you do anything you should know some basics on granite, including what little maintenance they have, the colors that are available, and other important buyer facts to know before purchasing. 




Q: I’m considering granite countertops for my kitchen but I cook a lot and will need to clean them frequently. Is there a special product I need to clean my countertops?

A: Granite is great because of how easy it is to clean. For daily cleaning, you can simply mix some warm water with a few drops of dish soap and wipe your cabinets down. It’s extremely easy to care for, just make sure you rinse it with clean water and dry it well after cleaning. There are products available for purchase for weekly or biweekly cleaning specifically formulate for granite countertops if you are wanting to shine them up a bit. However, you should always avoid anything with harsh chemicals or products that are not intended for granite countertops. 

Q: What colors are granite available in?

A: Granite countertops are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Black, white, brown, and red tones are very popular right now. Many people also love white granite, but a solid white is very hard to come by. 


Q: What do I need to know about the durability of my granite countertops?

A: Another reason homeowners love granite so much is because it is highly durable. With some materials, placing a hot pot on the surface could mean total destruction for the countertops. However, granite can withhold high temperatures of heat. While it is not recommended to make a habit out of placing a hot pot on your granite countertops it isn’t going to destroy them if you set it there quickly or accidentally. It is also very stain resistant, making it a great choice for a kitchen countertop material. As with any material though, you will want to clean up spills such as wine or other spills that are likely to stain as soon as possible to avoid the chance of staining. 


Q: How do I know what granite color and pattern to install in my kitchen?

A: If you aren’t sure about what will go with your current or projected color and style scheme, ask the company you hire to do you countertops. A good company should have a design expert on staff to help you select the best granite countertops to fit your new kitchen, or at least help to point you in the right direction and be a great soundboard for any ideas you may have. 


If you are considering installing granite countertops into your kitchen, make sure you hire a great company to help you with this process. A good company will help you select the best countertops for your kitchen, make sure they fit your design plan, and will help to get your installation done in a smooth, seamless transition. If you aren’t sure which company to go with, give Best Quality Countertops of Omaha a call and see how they can help you with your new granite countertop installation. With years of experience, professional staff, and an expert installation team, Best Quality Countertops of Omaha has everything you need. 

Viscon White
Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
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Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
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Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
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Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
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Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
Ivory Brown
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Granite Countertops in Omaha-Best Quality Countertops
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